How to Read a Credit Report

A credit report contains

  • identifying informationThe identifying information is information about you. It includes
    1. your name (and other names such as i.e. maiden name),
    2. Social Security number
    3. current and previous addresses
    4. employment information.
  • credit history. The credit history section shows all of your current accounts
    including the creator of the account and, in some cases, the account number. It also shows the type of account (car loan, revolving credit) balance, payment history, status of the account, etc.
  • public records.  The public records portion of a Credit Report lists any public record you may have including bankruptcies, tax liens, or other judgments
  • credit inquiries -Lists recent requests to see your credit file, whether as a result of you applying for new credit, or a company choosing to send you a pre-approved offer.